Piano, Keyboards and Piano Accordion

Our keyboard department has six teachers working across genres and keyboard instruments. We’re proud to be able to offer quality teaching from experienced teachers who know how to get you making the sounds, and playing the tunes you dream of.

Acting HOD: Sarah Gall, sarah@ecojamming.net


  • Sarah Gall – Classical piano, jazz piano, keyboards and composition, piano accordion.
  • Tashka Urban – Classical piano, jazz piano, keyboards and composition
  • James Vincent – Jazz piano, classical piano, keyboards and composition
  • Cameron Bower – Jazz piano, keyboards and composition
  • Jennifer Rumbell – Classical piano, piano for leisure
  • Danielle Manche – Classical piano

The piano department also runs a teacher training program overseen by James Vincent. You can learn from trainee teachers at reduced rates. Meet our trainee and intern teachers below:

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