Register – Performance showcase

Term 1, 2019

Thank you for signing up for our performance showcase day! We hope you’re feeling excited about the chance to share the great things you’ve been working on.

Please note that there are two separate events you can register for. The first (morning session) is a more traditional recital-style performance with audience seating in rows. This will suit younger students wanting to perform in a friendly setting.

The afternoon session is for teens and older students who want to have a go performing in a lounge-style setting, with audience members sitting and talking, having a bite to eat or a drink, and students giving more of a background performance. Participants do not have to be 18+ to attend. This is great experience for students wanting to improve their performance skills in a real-life setting.

Audience members need not register but can simply show up on the day. Both events are free.

Register here: