Tania Macintosh – Piano

Tania McIntosh deeply believes in making music come to life. She doesn’t want students to just perform a piece. She strives to help students to create expression and emotion into music. She wants to push students to think and develop different ways on how to make a brilliant performance or an awesome composition than just ‘playing the piano’. Her belief is that a person who performs ‘what’ is on the piece is a good musician; a person who learns ‘how’ to perform a piece is a great musician.

Tania McIntosh has been doing piano performance for the last eleven years and over the course, has developed many different musical skills. She specialises in improvisation, especially in the minimalistic style. She has also good experience in composition and music production. She has good knowledge of different music production software such as GarageBand and Pro Logic. She has recently completed all her grades for ABRSM and has recently been learning ABRSM grade 6-theory. At this moment, she is preparing to complete the ABRSM music-teaching diploma sometime in the future. Furthermore, she has been learning how to efficiently teach different areas within music at Browning St Studios. These areas include performance, sight-reading, scale work, and more.