Sarah Gall – Piano and Piano Accordion

“One of the joys of playing the piano is chasing sounds – sounds that are sublime, that take you somewhere else.”

Sarah Gall has been teaching piano since 1999, sharing the art of playing this beautiful instrument with students ranging in age from preschoolers to adults. With a solid grounding in both classical piano pedagogy and the contemporary music industry, Sarah combines solid training and ability with years of experience touring, recording and performing with a wide variety of artists.

Sarah’s teaching begins with revealing the sound, touch and potential of the piano, and then laying a solid musical and sensory foundation to allow imagined sound-worlds to come into being. Aims are to develop a student’s self-confidence, curiosity and pianistic skill-set. Sarah’s conceptual focus is on theory that supports creative music-making, and students will be exposed to music from a wide range of historical periods.

Sarah’s background as a pianist has included classical study with Lynne Jordan and Dr Diane Selmon. She has also had a successful academic career, undertaking research, teaching and course convenorship with Griffith University, The Queensland Conservatorium, QUT, University of Western Sydney and RMIT and on a range of independent academic projects. Sarah loves the piano and loves to perform, bringing this passion into her teaching work.

Sarah is not currently taking new students. Sarah is not currently maintaining a student waitlist. Contact Sarah by emailing sarah (at)


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