Tashka Urban – Piano & Voice

Piano, Composition, Voice, Digital Production

“I am a creative enthusiast who lives and breathes music.”

A creative enthusiast who lives and breathes music., Tashka is a strong advocate for youth through community workshops and her private teaching endeavours of 11 years.

In the past five of these years Tashka developed her own music career-path curriculum, with the most successful of these streams guiding young artists (aged 12-16) through writing/recording their own CDs, receiving radio play, engaging in live performance and cross-art collaboration with theatre productions.

Tashka’s lessons are packed with musical games with a focus on teaching for individual needs rather than a set model for all. A strong base in Classical Music (10 years of study and AMEB examinations), a passion for jamming (ranging through many styles) and an unending thirst for composition (three short filmscores completed already for 2011) makes for a well-rounded music platter.

Although still new to Brisbane, she has fallen in love with its community and lush green landscapes and looks forward to calling it her musical home.

You can contact Tashka directly : 0400 299 523 or email tashka@humancanvas.net

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