Stephen Caruana – Drums & Latin Percussion

stephencaruana Stephen Caruana – Drums and Latin Percussion

Stephen is an experienced musician. He has been sharing his knowledge and passion for music, to students, since 1998.

His personal Music Journey has seen him live ten years in Europe, where he completed his Masters of Music in The Netherlands. He returned to Australia, on December 27th, 2013.

During those Dutch years, Stephen continued to teach and perform. It was through this extended International community of musicians & students, that Stephen advanced on his teaching, performing and communication skills.

Whilst in Holland, Stephen also gained recognition as a teacher for people living with ADHD, Down Syndrome and Autism.

We encourage you to view Stephen’s website:

From his website, you can contact Stephen directly, or if you choose to write to us here at Browning Street Studios, we will inform Stephen for you, and he will communicate with you directly.

We believe that Stephen will provide for you, or your children, a most sincere and enjoyable Music Education.